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Usage and characteristics of impurity separators

create time:2017-12-01


  Usage and characteristics of impurity separators: This series of impurity separators are used in conjunction with the sink well, used to remove a lot of light and small heavy substances in the pulping machine in pulp and paper industry.

  After series of products in slurry wells, it contains coarse and light impurities of slurry which will be gathered into the sediment well to overflow into the impurity separator. During the action of the rotor, the good pulp passes through the sieve plate to enter the next process. The coarse debris is retained in the impurity separator, and discharged and dehydrated in cylinder screen after regular rinsing and pressing. The equipment can remove as early as possible impurities in pulp waste, avoid breaking refining debris in the process, reduce load of future process equipment, and increase the capacity of the pulper. This machine is a supporting equipment of continuous pulping system, it has advantages: high cleaning efficiency, large production capacity, compact structure, easy installation and maintenance.

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