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Mechanical structure of fiber separator

create time:2017-12-01


    The mechanical structure of fiber separator: fiber separator, polymorphous fibre separator. Fiber separation is also called pulping or defibrating. The process of separating plant materials into fine fibers. The purpose of fiber separation is to make fiber stuff, which is used to make fiberboard. It is divided into two processes: coarse separation and fine grinding.Coarse separation is to separate wood pieces into individual fibers or fiber bundles, and some of them are cut off or torn. Fine grinding is mainly to separate the unfinished fiber bundles into individual fibers, and make them further separated, broomed and thinner to increase the total specific surface area of fiber. The method of fiber separation is usually divided into two categories: mechanical method and blasting method. The mechanical method can be divided into 3 kinds: heating mechanical method, chemical mechanical method and pure mechanical method. The heating mechanical method is widely used in the production department of fiber board at home and abroad. The method is also divided into hot grinding method and high speed grinding method.

    A fiber separator is composed of tank, impeller, sieve plate, transmission device, sediment tube and base seat. Base seat is a main supporter. A tank is installed on the base, wholly in cone-shape, with its small conical end provided with stock inlet. In the center of large conical end it is arranged of discharge port for light impurities, at the bottom of large conical end it is arranged of discharge port for heavy impurities, and at the inner bottom of large conical end it is arranged of baffle for collecting the heavy impurities.

    In the center of the tank it is set with a transmission device, with impeller installed on the spindle of transmission device, and the main shaft driving the impeller to rotate at a high speed. With a knife installed on the plate, to prevent the fiber winding impeller. The outer part of the tank is set with a sediment tube, on which it is equipped with two pneumatic slag discharge valves to control the regular discharge of heavy impurities through electric control box. All gate valves of the practical model are automatically controlled by an electric control box. The new type of fiber separator can avoid the refinement of impurities and reduce the load of subsequent screening equipment, which can be used as an ideal equipment for dissolving and removing impurities.

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