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Technical parameters of field flow separation system

create time:2017-12-01

    Cross flow velocity: 0mL/min-8.3mL/min, the maximum flow rate up to 10mL/min.
Channel pressure of separation: Maximum 30bar, software controlled, shutdown in case of overvoltage , open the overvoltage release valve at 33bar;
Diaphragm width: 125、190、250、350、490um;
Pre cut filter film: Regenerated fiber: 10KD、30KD;
Polyphenylene sulfone film: 2KD、5KD、10KD、30KD;
Acetate fibre:10KD;
Standard separation channel: The pressure is 30bars, the acid and alkaline range is PH1-14, and there is no metal active point in channel.
Base seat: PEEK;
Upper seat: Aluminum shell, polycarbonate endometrium;
O ring: Stainless steel; ;
Option configuration of organic solvent: The membrane of upper layer of channel is separated.
Solvent: Optional for water phase and organic phase;
Optional for manual injection valve;
Pressure sensor: 0-100bar;
Measuring flow velocity of the sample: 0-1ml/min;
Adjusting / measuring velocity of flow: 0-8.3mL/min;
Needle valve driven by motor: The precise electronic controller is used to control all the internal components, peripheral connections and LCD display of front panels.
Software control electronic input / output: From closed output from contact point of the automatic sampler, to closed output of the contact point of ASTRA, the triggers detector in closed output of contact point is automatically adjusted to zero.
Power: 100W.

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