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Solution of intelligent oxygen separator

create time:2017-12-01


Program Overview

    invented the intelligent oxygen separator, it can separate oxygen in outdoor air from other air, then inject it into the room, this increases the number of oxygen molecules in room so as to enhance the air quality of the room. It is a substitute product for existing air purifier.

Program advantages
1. Indoor breathing is bound to reduce oxygen in the room, so it is beneficial to human body to supplement oxygen content in the room. When the oxygen content in the room is the same as that in the outdoor, the feeling of environmental comfort is obviously improved.
2. The product can separate the oxygen from outdoor air and inject it to content in the indoor air to improve the comfort of environment.
3. The method of separating oxygen from the air is:
a) According to the principle that ozone is easily dissolved in water and easy to spill from water.
b) To use electronic trigger to ionize oxygen in the air to ozone, then add the air containing ozone into the water, the ozone will be dissolved in water and other air is spilled from the water.
C) In order to improve solubility of ozone in the water, make the air containing ozone enter into microporous sieve and then enter into the water.

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